Delegate Feedback from Sign Sense presentation ‘Information Overload- The Art of Clutter’ at 3M Traffic Safety Seminars in Bracknell and Edinburgh 2010

"What a pragmatist…good presentation"
"Food for thought"
"Good content, makes you think"
"Refreshingly honest and interesting, and why not"
"A lot of common sense with which I agree totally. We are however governed by law"
"Of most use to me"
"Thought provoking, although care should be taken when suggesting to remove regulatory signs"
"Good to get you to think about design, but a section re: alternative actions would be helpful"
"Potential conflict between what we have to do by law and common sense!"
"Very funny and very relevant"
"Entertaining and informative"
"Funny but true!"
"Give this presentation to elected members"
"An excellent look at a definite problem"
"Good but some signs are required"
"Well done and informative"
"Excellent presentation"

"I have known Dave for around 25 years. His knowledge of both signs and road markings is extensive and, importantly, always current. Dave is also not only totally honest but also possesses what seems like the increasingly rare skill of pragmatism. On several occasions he has improved existing designs even where those changes resulted in less income for him."

"In an era when the Client is so diverted by the administration and politics of modern local government and therefore generally less technically skilled than ever before someone like Dave is an essential help in competent design. Accordingly I use his services whenever I have the chance and have done so on a wide range of schemes including complex signing consolidation work and extensive existing signs surveys. He also has detailed knowledge of sign manufacture, installation and increasingly important traffic management requirements."

"Finally Dave’s inherent personality makes him an excellent ambassador whether dealing with other professionals or the public; he has regularly managed to pacify irritated residents on site. I heartily recommend Dave to you as a potential consultant."

Geoff Barrell
Principal Engineer (Road Safety)
Oxfordshire County Council

"I have known David Catling now for at least 10 years. In my early days with the County Council within the Traffic Team I was impressed with his knowledge and his ability to quickly create signing solutions on difficult and challenging sites."

"His skills were greatly appreciated when I was involved in the creation of 5 Route Action schemes, involving signing on approximately 60 miles of A and B Class roads. David also carried out some excellent work for me on two A class roads approaching Oxford creating a large heavy lorry route diversion scheme."

"Latterly he has helped me greatly in the implementation of 10 Controlled Parking Zones within Oxford. The last 7 of these schemes were carried out under the auspices of Oxfordshire Highways. The relevance of this is that it enabled David to take full responsibility for the signing and lining designs, the creation of estimates, ordering of materials, arranging for and supervision of the scheme implementation, the final measurement and preparation of the final account."

"David was also in the forefront of creating innovative solutions to solve problems within the schemes. This included the promotion of signing wayleaves in order to reduce sign clutter and new types of low signing outside residents’ houses where visual intrusion was a potential problem. David also acted as a good ambassador for Oxfordshire Highways when problems needed resolving on site."

"I have no hesitation in recommending David to you as a potential consultant."

Richard Kingshott
Principal Engineer (Controlled Parking Zones)
Oxfordshire Highways

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